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For all our clients we offer free transport from your accommodation to our boat rental office. Free boat delivery also can be arrange

Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee Bad weather today? Don t worry. You have got money back guarantee. Only available with PROZURA TRAVEL AGENCY

It is my first time of boat renting

It is my first time of boat renting Do not worry, our staff will show you all important things about hiring boats. It is more simple than driving car.

Professional Crew

Above your expectation. Client oriented

Hire your Dubrovnik Island Boat Tours from Prozura Travel Agency

Renting a boat offers a perfect vacation experience whenever you get some free time. And with the variety of boats, you can choose a relaxing or an adventurous experience with your friends. However, the possibility of having such a great time depends on the availability of boat rental services.

In Dubrovnik, Prozura Travel Agency offers a wide range of boat to select and rent. We are one of the most popular Dubrovnik boat rentals due to the variety we offer. Our boats are well-maintained and managed by the experienced professionals. Their assistance helps you plan your boating experience with great comfort.

Rent a Boat in Dubrovnik through our Boat Rental Services

Whenever you desire to rent a boat Dubrovnik, we help you out with our huge collection of high-quality boats. We provide speedboats, sailboats, motorboats, and even Yachts as well. With such a large range of choices, you get to find a perfect option.

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Texas 495

500 m
5 pax
Prices start at
140€ / Day
image 10 500x370 1

RIB Apex 750

7,5 m
12 pax
Prices start at
200€ / Day

Texas 685 Walkaround

6.85 m
8 pax
Prices start at
220€ / Day
image 5

Texas 540 Pilothouse

5,40 m
6 pax
Prices start at
150€ / Day

What our clients say about us.

Having our Dubrovnik boat charter saves you from all the hassle and trouble of finding a boat.

Free transport and delivery

We arrange the transport for you when you desire to visit our office. Our professionals pick you from the location you provide and bring you comfortably to our boat rental place. On the other hand, you can also leverage our boat delivery service for free. We deliver the rented boat to your location without charging an extra penny.

Expert assistance to help you out

We have an experienced team of boat professionals ready to help you out. So, if you are hiring a boat for the first time, we are perfect for you. Our assistance can help you select the right boat.

Our experts can also inform you about the details and specifications of a certain type of boat you are looking for. This way, you can become confident before making your final decision.

Pay only when you use the boat

We only charge when you actually use the rented boat from us. So, if the weather doesn’t support you on a particular day, you can have your money back. No need to pay at all. That is what makes us unique in the service.

Hire our Dubrovnik Boat Trip Services at Affordable Price

Easy booking process

To hire boat in Dubrovnik with Prozura Travel Agency, you just have to follow 3 simple steps.

See– Browse the list of boat choices we provide with all the details regarding the length, capacity, engine, and price.

Book- Make a few clicks to book your favorite boat with Prozura Travel Agency.

Enjoy- Leverage our expert crew and professional assistance for personalized boat experience.

Enjoy our comfortable booking process!

Wait no more and make your bookings today. Call if you need assistance.